The Photograph Collector’s Guide Revision, Marquand Books 2010
Lee D. Witkin and Barbara London
Fully Revised and Updated by Lorraine Anne Davis, Editor
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In 1979, Barbara London, Lee Witkin published The Photograph Collector’s Guide. It remains the most important book about collecting photographs and is still used by collectors, researchers, libraries, galleries and museums. Long out of print, The Photograph Collector’s Guide can be found in the out-of-print book market for as much as $300.00.

In 2004 Lorraine Anne Davis received permission from Barbara London and the estate of Lee Witkin. Since that time numerous publishers have come forth with offers to publish. We now have a publisher who specializes in art-reference books, Marquand books.  

Attempting to maintain the integrity of the original while finding experts in their field to contribute essays, such as ‘Fakes & Forgeries’ by Paul Messier, ‘Portfolios’ by Britt Salvesen, ‘Digital Defined’ by John-Paul Caponigro, ‘Collecting Photographica’ by Daile Kaplan from Swann’s, and ‘The Photobook’ by Gerry Badger. The revised and up-dated version will follow the original format of the Compendium, including signatures, stamps and pertinent information about the artists gleaned from the artists themselves, their estates or their representatives.

Release date Autumn 2010.

Available exclusively from Marquand Books, and AIPAD – The Association of International Photography Art Dealers.