"What I especially like about Lorraine Davis' lectures is her infectious enthusiasm. She knows her subject well and her deep appreciation and dedication to the art of photography shines through in her presentations."
- Thomas Barthel, Private Collector, Zürich, Switzerland

Since 1983 Lorraine has lectured extensively on photography. The following lectures are currently available with new ones continually being developed. Lectures can be tailored to suit particular occasions and/or groups. All lectures promise to be both informative and entertaining. Please contact Ms. Davis for further information regarding lectures and lecture fees.

Lectures Include:

PAUL STRAND - His Life and Work
PAUL STRAND - Icons and the Influence of Piero Della Francesca INSIDE THE STRAND ARCHIVE
PHOTOGRAPHERS AND THE MOVIES: Weegee and the X-Files, Bellocq and Pretty Baby, Avedon and the Film “Funny Face”
PHOTOGRAPHY AT THE MOVIES: Blow Up, Memento, One Hour Photo, Road to Perdition, Secret and Lies
ON COLLECTING: The Photography Market Today: Investing in Photographs,
History of Women in Photography

Seminars / Workshops

“I took Lorraine Davis’s 2-day seminar in New York City on appraising photographs. We went to the MET print room, to several galleries and ended up on the floor at Sotheby’s during a photography sale. At the MET, we looked at many prints including Steichen’s ‘Pond, Moonlight’ that had recently sold at auction for $1million. She went into detail about how to look at photographs and how to appraise them. I learned more in two days than I had learned in six months at school.”-

- Rebecca Coady, Student

Ms. Davis offers tailored seminars on all aspects of collecting photographs from leaning about the medium, how to invest wisely to creating and maintain a database

Ms. Davis is creating the Taos Guild of Photograph Connoisseurs to be hosted at the Mable Dodge Luhan Ranch in Taos, New Mexico. Beginning in the autumn of 2011, Ms. Davis will be offering 3 – 5 day seminars on connoisseurship. Please contact Ms. Davis for further information regarding lectures and lecture fees.

FEES are variable. For more information please telephone 214 485 1592 or 505 310 0661