Whether you have two photographs in your collection or two thousand, it may be advantageous to work with a professional who can manage your collection and serve as a curator on a free-lance basis if needed. We can assist you in deciding which images to de-accession, which images to purchase, and we can inspect images coming up for auction if you cannot attend the auction in person. As registered bidders with all the major international auction houses, we bid on your behalf. We are able to develop exhibitions of your collection and oversee the design of your catalogue in order to enhance the visibility and the value of your collection.

It is important to manage and maintain your collection properly so that it sustains highest possible value. Whether you have ten photographs or ten thousand, proper documentation is essential so that your investment can be monitored at any given time and any foreseeable problem, such as deterioration etc, can be dealt with in a timely manner.


We can set up a database for you, update or revise your existing system. It is important to properly identify (with the Getty ID system) and track the location and condition of each object in your collection. This will facilitate working with your collection whether it is loaning objects, insuring, preserving, displaying, insuring or de-accessioning. The database can tailored to suit your use for ease of access.

Digital Documentation:

Digital imaging of your collection is essential. We do on-the-spot digital imaging for documentation, inventory control, and insurance. High resolution digital files can be used for reproduction for publication.

Archival Storage:

Acidic mat board used by local framers or improper plastic storage sleeves can discolor not only the photograph it is in contact with, but its neighbors as well. We can alleviate any environmental threat to your collection by assessing the situation and making sure that problems will not occur. This is often achieved by simply removing the culprit backing board or replacing the protective sleeves. All storage conditions are assessed including humidity, temperature and light levels as well as the containers in which the photographs are kept.

Acquisition | De-Acquisition

Since 1985, we have been actively up-grading collections for museums, private collectors and corporate collections. The auction houses are well acquainted with us and we maintain an excellent working relationship with them. We work with many of the best galleries, museums and private collections internationally, offering a wide scope to acquire photographs or de-acquisition holdings either at auction or privately.

Whether you need assistance for a day, a week, a month or a year, and whether you are a public institution or a private collector, we are able to assist in all aspects of maintain and prompting your collection, from choosing a frame, to giving presentations about your collection