Please telephone 214 485 1592  or 505 310 0661 for an estimate.

We make every effort to keep our clients’ costs to the minimum by making efficient use of time without compromising thoroughness.
Invoices must to be paid upon completion of the work.

Time estimates are agreed to beforehand.

$125.00 per hour for collection management and/or organization.

Out-of-the-Office per day fees, where appropriate, are variable: $250 - $500 per day.

All travel expenses, where appropriate, are estimated and agreed to beforehand.

All jobs are unique and usually require more time than estimated for. We absorb overages in time if they are reasonable. Unforeseeable circumstances may arise, (if the collection is much larger than anticipated or the organization is not as described) and we may ask to renegotiate our contract – however, these occurrences are rare and are avoided when all the aspects are presented at the time the contract is agreed to.